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Low Oriental Prices....

The secret of this age is now available to you. For years the rich and powerful knew how to buy at low prices in Taiwan. They knew who to contact. Now you have the same opportunity they have had.

Each page reveals the names and addresses of the Taiwan manufacturers that want to sell hundreds, yes thousands of products to you at prices you will regard as giveaway.. You can write directly to them and order the samples you are interested in.

It's an exciting new way to get products directly from small Taiwan manufacturers where you can make deals right with the owner. Without this directory, you might have to take an expensive trip  to Taiwan and scour the locations of these suppliers.

Unbelievable Bargains

Enjoy the thrill of contacting Taiwan suppliers. But, even more, enjoy the money that you will make from products at the low Taiwan prices. Like an American distributor of exotic lingerie was able to get a quote for special made to order panties for only 5 cents. These were sold in the states at $3.95 each!

Fabulous SAMPLES

This directory has everything you need to get started at once. As soon as you receive it you can start. Begin by ordering the samples that you like!

Make your dreams come true with this directory. Let it's pages reveal the rich rewards of the Orient order today for only $15.00

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