Explore the Philippines... Locate the Factories, Cottage Industries, Mines and Resources that give you low cost wholesale prices.


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Buy directly from the Philippines at the lowest wholesale prices in the Orient. Finished products or raw materials ready to ship.

English Speaking!

Means you can phone, visit, write and get instant communication. They understand you and they want your business! Easy to order.

Philippine Manufacturers...

...need more exports and want your business. It is your opportunity to locate wholesale sources at the lowest prices! No need for middlemen. Deal with them as easily as calling another contact in your country.

Order by mail

Use this directory to order your profits by mail. Or visit them in person.

Photo illustrated and Samples available!

The many photos illustrate the fine quality craftsmanship. Suppliers will furnish catalogs, samples and complete details about products upon proper request!

Fortune is Yours

You can be the one to easily buy from the Philippines and distribute to the world. Fill their need for more exports and fill you bank with the profits. Order today for only $15.00

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