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All New! Get 4,000 products wholesale, direct..... From low cost factories in the Orient!

Japan, Korea, Malaysia, China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore.

All new sources

If you are familiar with our other trade directories, you will find the Orient Trade Directory opens up more sources. Wages of just $3.00 (US) per day in some of these countries support entire families. This means that your assured of High profit items which helps these countries standards of living.

High Tech products the lowest prices. Plus you will discover sources for other items such as: Thai handicrafts, toys from Korea, Christmas decorations from China, Potpourri and spices from Sri Lanka, Ozone deodorizers from Japan and much much more.

64 pages, Jam-packed with suppliers

Photos, names addresses fax numbers of Oriental factories that are only minutes with a simple fax.

New Hot Sellers and Suppliers

You will discover new items and new contacts that could make you a fortune. If you are ready to explore the fascinating world of the Orient then order today for only $15.00

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