$100,000 Publishing Information

Books, Booklets, Manuals, Reports, Directories

Start With Pennies...

...Yes that's right. With today's modern printing methods you can publish just a few copies to get started. Then as your sales build up you can order more copies.

More bucks from books..

..Why sell only the books that others publish, when you can start your own publishing business in a spare bedroom, basement or garage. This very day thousands of new publishers have found their goldmine by publishing books that they prepared in their sparetime. No fancy offices are needed. Do all your selling by mail.

New small Publishers success....

.....14,000 new small publishers have developed in just the past few years. Each of them have their own specialty. Everything from books on sailing to making your car engine get 200 miles to the gallon. Everyone needs information and facts just to survive today.

Tell what you know.

You are an expert at something. Maybe it's household hints that you have accumulated. One woman sold over a million copies of a book of this type. Or possibly your information is in a specialized field. Others need to know what you know and they will pay to get your information.

How much Profit...

Would you believe it if I told you that books costing 20 cents each are selling for $10.00 retail. I can personally state this for a fact since I publish two that fit that profit range. That's is over 1000% Why don't I put this in the headline? Because to those who don't know the publishing industry it would be unbelievable, even though it's true.

What to write...

... let me give you ideas of what is selling these days. You'll find it in my fat manual, How to Publish your own Book Successfully. Suppose you can't write! Don't let that stop you. If you'll just get your material together there are plenty of people you can hire for a few bucks to fix it up proper for selling. I tell you all about it in my manual.

Mail-order selling

Publish and sell by mail. Sell Retail. Sell wholesale in big lots. I will tell you all the methods and the best way to go about each one. It's simple when you know how, but you sure could lose your shirt if you don't have all the inside facts and information.

Secrets Unlimited

One man printed his first book very cheaply with just 100 copies. This was a manual on how to win prize contests. Now he has sold over 100,000. What you need to be a success in low cost publishing is the "insiders secrets". Successful publishers know how but the don't give out the facts. Let me open the secrets of "cheapie" publishing success to you. I can't write all the books that are needed today so I want to share my publishing success with you. Will you help me get you started.

Let me help you...

Yes I could sit down with you and show you step by step how to publish you book and make it a best seller but I would have to charge you a bundle for this. Instead, I put everything in my manual. How to publish Your Own Book Successfully and it sells for only $15.00 a copy. This is certainly alot less than the $1000.00 I would have to charge for a personal consultation. It's all there for you to read and follow the simple instructions.

Sell to Libraries and Book Stores...

There is a whole big market waiting for you in libraries and book stores. More books....more sales...more bucks. How do I know? I have done it and want you to see for yourself.

Printing is not publishing....

A word to the wise. Some people do not know that printing a book is only one small part of publishing. Selling the book is the ALL IMPORTANT part. There are thousands of printers waiting to do the printing for you... but you must be careful and select the right one or it could cost you dollars. A real publisher knows how to sell his books. That's what I want to show you!

Make money with booklets, reports, directories

A book by any other name is still your opportunity for publishing success. Many $3.00 booklets cost only pennies to print. Are they worth $3? Certainly. I once paid $25.00 for a manual. As a result of that investment I have been marketing a book for over 25 years that has sold of 275,000 copies. You can do the same.

Get started today.

No one but yourself is holding you back from publishing success. You have it within your power to send this very day for your success publishing secrets. All you have to do is ask for it. Let me release to you the secrets that can make it all come true for you. I have published over 20 books. Many have been selling for 20 years or more. Order today $15.00


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